Civil litigation is one of the firm's principal areas of practice. Although we routinely counsel our clients on structuring transactions and business ventures with an eye toward preventing and reducing the risk of litigation, should litigation or dispute resolution become necessary, our litigators are experienced in federal and state courts as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Our trial lawyers have represented clients, including financial institutions, corporations, individuals and partnerships, in a broad range of commercial disputes. In addition to our practice in state and federal trial and appellate courts, we represent clients before administrative agencies and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Our approach integrates our litigators with lawyers in other departments to assure our clients the most comprehensive review of the legal and practical issues confronting them.  Mediation is a quick, simple and inexpensive method of settling your legal disputes. Whether it is a commercial, real estate, or domestic problem, we can assist in obtaining an independent professional third party to work with each side, fairly and impartially to help you resolve the legal dispute. Mediation can be accomplished without each party having to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees. This way everyone wins.